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Storage Unit Development

Step into the realm of storage unit development, where INSTA-CUBE redefines the landscape. Our panelized containers aren’t just innovative; they’re a catalyst for unparalleled ROI (return on investment). What sets us apart? Limited permits required if any, quick building process, & easily moveable. Dive into development without bureaucratic hurdles, ensuring a swift and hassle-free journey from blueprint to revenue.

Picture this: 

  • Swift cash on investment.
  • With our containers as the cornerstone, you’re not just building spaces; you’re fostering lucrative opportunities. 
  • Add-ons specifically designed for storage magnify your revenue potential.

Have extra property sitting? 

  • Transform properties into multifunctional, income-generating assets.


Partnering directly with Freddie and Todd expedites production and development. Experience the ease of a streamlined process, where efficiency isn’t just a promise; it’s a guarantee. From concept to completion, witness the transformation of an idea into a fully operational storage unit in a mere 31 days. Yes, you read that right—31 days to launch your ground-up storage venture.

Selling to Retailers for Individual Customer Use

Imagine offering your customers more than just storage solutions. Partnering with Global One Designs means not only streamlining your inventory but also unlocking a world of versatile possibilities for your clientele.

INSTA-CUBE isn’t limited to mere storage. They are the canvas for an array of uses, transforming from storage units to multifunctional spaces. From hunting cabins to compact homes, the versatility of our sheds knows no bounds.

By selling these units to end customers, you’re not just selling a product; you’re offering a solution for diverse needs. Embrace the opportunity to cater to customers seeking innovative, limited permits required if any spaces for a variety of purposes. Become the go-to destination for individuals looking to create a personalized imaginative space fulfilling their desires.

This approach opens up new avenues for retailers to diversify their offerings and meet the needs of customers looking for versatile, no-permit-required structures, and easy-to-build, movable sheds/containers. Expanding the market beyond mere storage solutions.


Mini Storage for Retailers & Established Storage Unit Companies

Unlock the hidden potential within your existing spaces. Whether you’re an established storage unit company or a retailer seeking to expand your revenue streams, our collapsible containers offer a gateway to passive income.

Working hand-in-hand with Freddie and Todd means more than just products; it’s a partnership built on seamless integration. Our containers aren’t static units; they’re catalysts for financial growth. Transform underutilized areas into profit-generating zones. Expand your revenue streams effortlessly, from static savings into personal passive income.

In both scenarios, our emphasis is not solely on the product but on the transformation it catalyzes. Efficiency, optimization, and revenue growth are not mere promises; they’re the core guarantees of our collaborative journey. With INSTA-CUBE, it’s about harnessing the untapped potential within your spaces to fuel your financial aspirations.