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Where innovation meets practicality. We’re Freddie Sheppard and Todd Lugli, the driving force behind a revolution in manufacturing unique solutions that redefine convenience. Our journey began with collapsible containers “INSTA-CUBE” – a game-changer in storage solutions.

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About Us

At Global One Designs, we craft products that answer real-world needs. Our panelized containers pave the way for smart insta-cube storage solutions, catering to Storage Unit Development, Retailers seeking efficiency, and providing a streamlined option for Mini Storage within established companies.

We are so excited about our signature product, Insta Cube…

INSTA-CUBE Opportunities

We’re not just about products; we’re about solutions. Our vision extends beyond the ordinary, offering a new standard of versatility and functionality. Join us as we transform the landscape of storage with ingenuity and quality, one insta-cube at a time.”

Storage Unit Development

Step into the realm of storage unit development, where INSTA-CUBE redefines the landscape. Our panelized containers aren't just innovative; they're a catalyst for unparalleled ROI.


Selling to Retailers for Individual Customer Use

Imagine offering your customers more than just storage solutions. Partnering with INSTA-CUBE means not only streamlining your inventory but also unlocking a world of versatile possibilities for your clientele.


Mini Storage for Retailers & Established Storage Unit Companies

Unlock the hidden potential within your existing spaces. Whether you're an established storage unit company or a retailer seeking to expand your revenue streams, our collapsible containers offer a gateway to passive income.



Find all the available sizes and measurements of the INSTA-CUBE’s below.


See all the potential accessories and addons for your INSTA-CUBE.


Installation Instructions

A step-by-step guide to install and fully set up your INSTA-CUBE.

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